York Labour Councillors to vote on anti-fracking motion

A woman places a vote into a voting box

On 25th September, Labour Councillors will vote on a motion for York to resist planning applications for drilling for shale gas. If this motion wins the vote, it will pass onto the agenda for discussion at the next full York Council Meeting.

A great opportunity

If passed, this motion will see York to join many local councils including of Newcastle, Manchester and East Sussex in declaring their opposition to unconventional oil and gas extraction. With this motion in place, drilling companies are likely to be deterred from submitting further applications for drilling or testing in York.

Write to your councillors

For this motion to pass onto the agenda for the next full York Council meeting, it is imperative that it wins the vote on the 25th of September. Please contact your local councillor(s) and ask them to vote for the motion on the 25th.

Help with writing

To help you with writing to your Councillor, we have written a draft letter which you can use to get you started. Please don’t copy the text in this letter exactly, as your message will be best received if it is written in your own words.

Helpful things to think about when writing your letter might be:

  • Have you already signed our earlier petition against fracking in York?
  • How you would be affected by the increased traffic it would cause?
  • Possible health implications for you, your family and friend(s)
  • Potential damage to our local agriculture and tourism industries
  • Forms of energy you would prefer instead
An example letter to a labour councillor

Write to them: an example letter urging a local labour councillors to vote for the anti-fracking motion on 15/09

Please be sure to include your address when writing to your councillor, as they are only bound to acknowledge correspondence from citizens in their area. A list of all the Labout councillors in York can be found below:

Labour Councillors in York

Councillor James Alexander; Holgate Ward; Cabinet Leader & Economic Development

Councillor Neil Barnes; Hull Road Ward

Councillor Barbara Boyce; Heworth Ward

Councillor Stephen Burton; Westfield Ward; Labour Group Secretary

Councillor Sonja Crisp; Holgate Ward; Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism

Councillor Linsay Cunningham-Cross; Skelton, Rawcliffe & Clifton Without Ward; Cabinet Member for Health & Community Engagement

Councillor Fiona Fitzpatrick; Hull Road Ward

Councillor Sandy Fraser; Micklegate Ward

Councillor Christina Funnell; Heworth Ward

Councillor Julie Gunnell; Micklegate Ward

Councillor Gerard Hodgson; Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Ward

Councillor David Horton; Acomb Ward

Councillor Ken King; Clifton Ward

Councillor David Levene; Heslington Ward; Cabinet Member for Transport

Councillor Janet Looker; Guildhall Ward; Cabinet Member for Education, Children & Young People

Councillor Dave Merrett; Micklegate Ward; Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Planning & Sustainability

Councillor David Scott; Clifton Ward

Councillor Tracey Simpson-Laing; Acomb Ward; Deputy Leader, and Cabinet Member for Homes & Safer Communities

Councillor Dafydd Williams; Westfield Ward; Cabinet Member for Finance & Performance


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