The frackers are coming to Scarborough – draw a line in the sand!

COVER-SCARBS-750x420On Monday next week (April 25th) the Onshore Energy Services Group (OESG) is holding a conference for the oil and gas sector in Scarborough, entitled “The future business opportunities of North Yorkshire onshore oil and gas”.

The OESG is a cheerleader both for fracking and conventional fossil fuel extraction, and has produced a guide to help local businesses lobby in favour of fossil fuel development. A large part of the day will be spent discussing the potential spoils of fracking in the North.

We need to show them that fracking is not welcome in Yorkshire. They will be resisted every step of the way. In Scarborough we will draw a line in the sand and make sure they know that our county is not theirs to frack.

Plans for the day are still fluid but:

  • At 10am campaigners will gather to draw a line in the sand in front of Scarborough Spa and prepare the seafront for the arrival of the delegates.
  • At 11am we will line the road on the approach to the conference.
  • The OESG conference starts at 12 noon and ends at 17:30, at which time we will see them out of the venue

This will be a peaceful demonstration but a highly visible and audible one.

For more information on the day, you can download the conference brochure from the OESG website (PDF).


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