Success! Anti-fracking motion to be debated at York full council meeting

On 25th September, York Labour Councillors voted for motions include in the agenda of the next full York council meeting. We are pleased to say that the anti-fracking motion passed and will be debated at the next meeting on Thursday 9th October.

Full York Council Meeting

Date: Thursday 9th October 2014

Location: York Guildhall, St Helen’s Square, York.

Time: 18:30

The motion

Proposed by by Councillor Anna Semlyen and seconded by Councillor Joe Riches, the full anti-fracking motion reads as follows:


This council believes that climate change is real and that it is a serious problem that is causing deaths and migration

That fracking (hydraulic fracturing for shale gas) adds to climate change,

Recognises the over 2100 name petition submitted by Frack Free York requesting a York Councillor decision on fracking

Asks that Councillors vote that York should, where possible, publicly state its position as wanting to resist planning applications for drilling for shale gas as this is likely to deter applications from drilling companies.

An opportunity not to be missed

If passed by the council, this motion will see York to join many local councils including of Newcastle, Manchester and East Sussex in declaring their opposition to unconventional oil and gas extraction. With this motion in place, drilling companies are likely to be deterred from submitting further applications for drilling or testing in York.

Our national government’s policy  to open up huge areas of our country to unconventional gas extraction is deeply flawed.  Despite 99% of people objecting, our government still intends to change the trespass law to allow oil and gas companies to frack under homes without permission. Getting behind this motion could be our chance to stop fracking coming to York,  and help to further deter this destructive industry nationwide.

We need to make clear to our Councillors why we don’t want fracking and urge them to vote Yes’ to the motion on 9 October.

How to help

Write to your local Councillor

Please you contact your local councillor by letter, email or phone as soon as possible in the coming week beginning 29 September:

  1. Urge them to protect the city from fracking, and to vote ‘Yes’ to the motion on 9 October.
  2. Tell them clearly why this is important to you, why you don’t want fracking or any unconventional gas extraction in our area.
  3. Ask them to write back letting  you know clearly what their positions are, and their reasons why.

How to find and contact  your Councillor:

1. Go to
2.The search will bring up a thumbnail photo of your councillor. Click on this for full contact details.

Letter writing guides

If you need some ideas of what to write in your letter to your Councillor, please see some of our example letters below:

09.10 York Council Item 12 B (iv) example letter to councillor 1

09.10 York Council Item 12 B (iv) example letter to councillor 2

09.10 York Council Item 12 B (iv) example letter to councillor 3

09.10 York Council Item 12 B (iv) example letter to councillor 4

Register to speak at the meeting

To register to speak (for 3 minutes) contact Jill Pickering, Senior Democracy Officer at City of York Council.
Phone: 01904 552061

More information

Meeting agenda

The full agenda for the meeting should be published on the 2nd October on the York Council Website. It will also be posted in public libraries and The Guildhall at least five days beforehand.

What have other councils done?

Read what other councils have said and done to oppose fracking here:


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