Say No to The Dakota Access Pipeline

On Tuesday 15 November there will be a rally and a vigil in St. Helens Square to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline and stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and all those who are affected by the violent imposition of the pipeline.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is an oil pipeline under construction in the United States. The pipeline is intended to carry oil from the fracking wells in North Dakota to market. The pipeline has faced strong opposition due to the threat it poses to clean water and its routing through sites held sacred by indigneious people. Opponents to the pipeline have established protection camps. These peaceful protectors have been attacked with dogs, sprayed with teargas, and subjected to mass arrests and strip searches.

Although North Dakota may seem a long way from York, the events taking place there will have impacts facing around the world. Unconventional oil, such as that produced in North Dakota,  extends the horizon of fossil fuels and worsens climate change. Repressive measures used to drive through fossil fuel projects in the United States are replicated around the world. We have already seen the givernment and North Yorkshire County Council ride roughshod over local obejections to fracking. The Dakota protectors cause is our cause. Please join us on 15 November.


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