Rathlin seeks planning permission to continue fracking tests at Crawberry Hill

Rathlin Energy have applied for planning permission to continue operations at the Crawberry Hill drill site for another two years.

The energy company, whose initial application for exploratory drilling onsite was granted for two years and not the requested three, due to the “high landscape value and visual amenities of the area” will fail to complete their tests before their planning permission expires on the 5th of November 2014.

This is an excellent opportunity to stop Rathlin from fracking any more in East Yorkshire.

Rathlin’s Planning application is open for consultation until Thursday 11th September.

Object to the application

How to object

Objections can be sent via email to the Planning Officer, Peter Ascroft, at beverly.dc@eastriding.gov.uk. Be sure to include Planning Application 14/02622/STVAR in the subject line of your email

Guide to objecting

Planning Statement (the application) and making your own notes on the issues. The statement can be found by going to:

Planning Application Summary 14/02622/STVAR  >  Associated Documents  >  Planning Statement

Please be sure to keep your objections concise and to the point. Only “material considerations” will be considered as suitable grounds for objection.

Possible points to raise

Despite the restrictions to “material objections only” there are still many valid points that can be raised in objection to this planning application.

Please make some or all of the following points in your objection (in your own words and in a different order if possible).

  • Rathlin have failed to comply with Condition 2 of the notice given to Rathlin at Crawberry Hill: ie that the temporary exploratory drilling should be completed within 24 months of commencement of work and the site returned to its original condition by 5th November 2014. As it has failed to comply with this key condition, they should not be allowed a renewal.
  • Concerns about the water supply, as the well goes straight through the chalk aquifer that supplies water to much of East Yorkshire.
  • Impact on local wildlife in the area (there is a Wildlife site only 100m from the well and it’s a known area for barn owls and kestrels, both of which are protected species). Point out that the initial ecology report by Rathlin energy was wholly inadequate and demand that the council insist on a full Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Problems of leaks and other irregularities at Rathin’s other site at West Newton, where a mini-frack went wrong and emergency Well Intervention Equipment was needed. This shows that Rathlin are not competent and should not be allowed to do another mini-frack.
  • The lack of independent inspection by regulators on the site.
  • Impact on local neighborhood (traffic, light pollution, etc.)
  •  Rathlin’s breaches of conditions of the previous Planning Application, specifically:
    – Rathlin ignored the traffic management plan between May and August 2014
    – Rathlin ignored the lighting plan since the 1st August
    – Rathlin only installed a site office and security fencing in August
    – Rathlin failed to deal with water leaks from the site into neighboring farmland
    – Rathlin have failed to provide the protective bund around the site which would have prevented leaks.
    – Rathlin have failed to install a stock fence around the site, which resulted in a number of hares drowning in a trough of water, due to lack of fresh water on the chalk highland.

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