Protest at The Drax AGM in York

Drax, which is the largest coal power station in Britain and the largest biomass power station in the world are holding their AGM in The Royal Hotel in York on Thursday 13 April. We will join Coal Action Network and Biofuel Watch in protesting this company, which continues to harm the environment and worsen climate change despite all their claims to be cleaning up their act.

The effect of coal burning on air quality and the climate are well known and Biofuel Watch will highlight the harm caused by supposedly benign biomass burning. However there is another, lesser known side to Drax’s business that we want to call attention to. Drax announced in December that they are investing £18.5m in four new gas power stations, two of which are to be built by 2020. As power stations typically have a life time of decades, such an investment will commit us to using fossil fuels far into the future, at a time when we should be moving to truly clean sources of power. This investment comes at a time when the government is promoting gas produced with fracking as the solution to our energy dilemma. If the new power stations are built they may well become part of the market for fracked gas in Britain.

Please join us between 10.30am and 2.00pm on 13 April for our protest outside The Royal Hotel in York (YO24 1AA). If you can’t be there for the whole day, please try to be there at 1.00pm when we will have our photo taken.

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