Protectors evicted from Crawberry Hill site

Humberside Police look at the Protectors tower before it is demolished.

The community blockade of Rathlin’s Crawberry Hill fracking site has been underway for almost three months.

Yesterday, following a high court injunction on the 29th July, bailiffs and police arrived on site to evict the protectors and demolish a tower which had been constructed at the entrance to the site.

Peaceful protest denied

Humberside police, whose official website says that they were present in order to “facilitate peaceful protest” removed protectors from the site, before allowing bailiffs access to remove the tower which had served as a safe and recreational space and as a viewing point for monitoring unsafe practices on the well pad.

Local people, who were notified of the eviction by text alert, were prevented from accessing the site and legally protesting by the police who had closed all roads in to and out of the area. Those few able to access the site attempted to resist the demolition,  however they were forced to cede the tower and six people were arrested.

The whole eviction was live-streamed over the internet, and the full stream can be found here.

The BBC were also present at the site, and the BBC Look North report is available on the iPlayer.

It’s not over

Humberside police detaining protestors and preparing to load them into the police van.

The valiant few: Humberside police arrest several protectors at the site

Although this is an obvious setback, the high court injunction that allowed the eviction relates to the well pad and the tower only. Protestors are still present, and the camp has moved to the grass verges either side of the site entrance.

Protectors are still on site and will continue to protect against unconventional gas extraction

How can I help?

If you’d like more information about the sites or ways to help, please visit the camps website:

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