Third Energy to frack on North York Moors

Ebberston Early Development SCHEME (EDS) proposal

Third Energy, who already have a an exploratory licence for the site plan to install an early development scheme (EDS) in Ebberston Moor in the North York Moors. The purpose of the scheme, which the company’s official website says will run for between three and five years, is to assess the viability of the Ebberston Moor Gas Field and the potential for gas extraction. If the field is proven to economically viable, the EDS will be removed and replaced with a pipeline to the Knapton Generating Station.

Third Energy, whose scheme which will likely to include a fall-off test (also known as a ‘mini frac’), have also been given permission to dispose of potentially radioactive waste water from the site by re-injecting it into the ground. (more…)

Protectors evicted from Crawberry Hill site

Humberside Police look at the Protectors tower before it is demolished.

The community blockade of Rathlin’s Crawberry Hill fracking site has been underway for almost three months.

Yesterday, following a high court injunction on the 29th July, bailiffs and police arrived on site to evict the protectors and demolish a tower which had been constructed at the entrance to the site. (more…)

FFY discusses latest round of licensing on BBC Radio York

Yesterday, after six years without , the UK Government launched it’s 14th onshore licensing round which allows fossil fuel companies to bid for onshore exploration rights in the UK.

John Cossham of Frack Free York joined BBC Radio York live to discuss the dangers of fracking, alternatives to it, and why this latest round of onshore licensing is a bad idea. (more…)

Tour de Frack

HEY Frack Off  and Reclaim the Power have joined together to create Tour de Frack, a Tour de France style bike ride to raise awareness of fracking in the UK and to promote sustainable energy alternatives.

Beginning in Blackpool, the ride start at the front line of fracked gas production in the UK before finishing at the country’s only live exploratory drill site. The route will include part of this year’s Tour de France route in Yorkshire and will arrive in York on the evening of Thursday 21st August.

The full press release for the event can be found under the more tag.


York Full Council Meeting review

City of York Council full council meeting

Following the Frack Free York demo on the 17th of July and the following full York Council Meeting, the full video of the meeting is now online.

The discussion of fracking within this meeting would not have happened without all the support we have received from local people and everyone who signed out petition to get fracking on the agenda.


FFY demo and full council meeting is today!

Today marks the culmination of months of hard work where Frack-Free York. Our petition is in and City of York Council will be debating fracking in York for the first time. To mark this event, there will a demo outside the meeting venue, York Guildhall in St Helen’s Square, before the meeting. (more…)

Anti-fracking demo at York Guildhall on 17th July

For several months, Frack-Free York has had a petition available to sign, asking that the City of York Council does not allow any unconventional gas exploration or extraction in its area.

Signature collection has now finished, and the petition is going to be presented at the Full Council meeting on 17th July at 18:30pm.

There will be a demonstration from 17:00 that evening in St Helen’s Square, outside the Guildhall, where the full council meeting will held. (more…)

Peter Rolinson explains the risks of water pollution from fracking

Most of the drinking water in East Yorkshire comes from one very large aquifer (underground water source).

Water treatment chemist Peter Rolinson talks to Frack-Free York about the the dangers of contamination to York’s water supply, the possibility to remove the contaminants and the consequences of this increased demand for homeowners, agriculture and Yorkshire Water.

Frack-Free York at St Nicholas Fields

FFY stall at St Nisks Fields

This Saturday, Frack-Free York spent the afternoon at St Nicholas Fields environment centre providing the public with information about Fracking.

It was a great day, and the ‘fracks fizz’ went down a treat!

It was the last day of our petition before we hand it in to York Council today and we’d like to say a great big thank you for everyone who helped out.