Meet the Regulators on 29 November

The Environment Agency, Oil and Gas Authority, Health and Safety Executive and Public Health England will be in York on 29 November to answer your questions about the oil and gas industry and fracking. You will be able to meet them during a drop in session between 2pm and 7pm in the Merchant Taylors Hall on Aldwark (YO1 7BX).

A statement from the Environment Agency said, “As regulators and agencies involved in assessing the impacts of the oil and gas industry, our role is to help ensure that any exploration and development, including fracking operations, is done in a way that protects people and the environment. Local communities rightly look to us to provide information on how health and environmental risks are being controlled and managed properly, and to hold oil and gas operators to account. This session will be a great opportunity for us to meet with local people, explain our respective roles and discuss some of the key issues before sites are identified for development. It is not linked to a consultation or any site specific proposals.”

You may find, when you talk to the regulators, that the real situation is not as reasurring as the Environment Agency would like you to believe. What ever your view on the regulation of fracking, the drop in session is a great opportunity to learn more about the subject.

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