Julian Sturdy’s Views on Fracking

On 15 October Leigh Coghill, Secretary of Frack-Free York met her MP Julian Sturdy along with other constituents to talk to him about climate change. Leigh pointed out that the ‘fugitive emissions’ (leaks) which are an inevitable part of the fracking process mean that electricity from fracked gas is not necessarily lower carbon than coal-fired electricity.  Leigh told him that she believed we should move to truly clean forms of energy rather than seeking to develop new forms of fossil fuels. She also explained the local impacts that would be faced by Julian Sturdy’s constituents if fracking was to go ahead in the area.

Julian Sturdy agreed that fracking companies have so far failed to satisfy concerns regarding the safety of this industry, which is proposed so near to some residents homes. Mr Sturdy, who in the past has championed localism, said he was committed to supporting his constituents and would oppose fracking if that was the will of local people. Frack Free York welcomed this declaration, which comes at a time when the government has overruled Lancashire County Council’s decision to reject Cuadrilla’s planning application to frack at Preston New Road and ignored the wishes of all those in Lancashire who do not want to see their county blighted by this destructive industry.

If you are one of Julian Sturdy’s constituents you can email him at julian.sturdy.mp@parliament.uk.


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