Join Us At The Tour de Yorkshire

The Tour de Yorkshire is coming soon and on Friday 28 April we will join Frack Free Ryedale and the Kirby Misperton Protection Camp to line the route and show that while we welcome cyclists to Yorkshire we don’t welcome fracking. Since 2015 the Tour de Yorkshire has put our county on the map in the cycling world and provided a window on our beautiful landscape for many cylcing fans in Britain and further afield. Now that Third Energy has planning permission to frack at Kirby Misperton and other companies are considering the possibility of fracking throughout Yorkshire, this beauty is under threat.

On Friday 28 April the Tour de Yorkshire will pass through Kirby Misperton. The event will be televised and is an ideal opportunity to support the cyclists and our campaign against fracking at the same time. We will line the route at Kirby Misperton and Pickering. Placards will be available to make our message visible on TV. The Kirby Misperton Protection Camp and their supporters have also produced a piece of land art next to their camp that will be visible from the helicopter covering the race. You’ll also get the chance to welcome the Tour de Frack cyclists to Kirby Misperton. Stuart Leach and David Davis, shown above, will have come all the way from Preston New Road to highlight the harm caused by fracking and raise funds for the Kirby Misperton Protection Camp. The race will pass Kirby Misperton at around 2.30pm and Pickering around 3.00pm. Please try to be in place about an hour before these times, as there are expected to be large crowds.

Getting to Kirby Misperton or Pickering by public transport is easy. Just take the number 840 bus towards Thronton Le Dale from York. This bus departs Hallcroft Lane in Copmanthorpe at 11.06am, York College at 11.10am, York Railway Station at 11.22am, The Stonebow at 11.31am and Galtres Road in Heworth at 11.41am. It arrives in Kirby Misperton at 12.30pm. This will give you plenty of time before the race to visit the protection camp, or go to the street party in Kirby Misperton. This bus will also stop at Pickering at 12.38pm. Note that the number 840 bus normally departs every hour, but the bus an hour after the one listed here will only go as far as Malton due to road closures put in place for the cycle race. To get back to York just take the 840 bus towards Leeds. This departs Pickering at six minutes past the hour and Kirby Misperton at fourteen minutes past the hour, every hour until after 6pm. There are then two more buses that depart Pickering at 6.51pm and 7.33pm and Kirby Misperton at 6.59pm and 7.41pm.

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