Frack Free York supports Global Divestment Day with Barclays protest

On Friday 13th February, Frack-Free York participated in a protest outside Barclays bank in York to support the international ‘Global Divestment Day’ movement.

Members of Frack-Free York were on hand to privide information about fracking and divestment, as well as information about Barclays and Third Energy. The highlight of the day was when Frack-Free York member Kit Bennett (32) actively divested from fossil fuels, by closing his bank account with Barclays.

“As a member of Frack-Free York, I felt uncomfortable when I learned that Barclays Bank, which I have a savings account with, own Third Energy. Third Energy have applied for permission to frack Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire. Barclays will be directly responsible for the harm caused by this environmentally destructive method of oil and gas extraction.” – Kit Bennet, Frack Free York

The aim of the Global Divestment Day movement is to encourage members of the public to remove their money from organisations which are involved in the continued use of fossil fuels. The protest against the fossil fuel industry is because of its close links to climate change and related human health issues associated with air pollution.

Why Barclays?

All of the major high street banks invest significant sums of money into fossil fuels, as shown in below research from Move Your Money.

UK Bank Investment in Fossil Fuel Extraction, 2012

UK Bank Investment in Fossil Fuel Extraction, 2012. Source: Move Your Money

Frack Free York focussed on Barclays, as they own 97% of Third Energy, the company that wants to frack for gas at Kirby Misperton near Malton in North Yorkshire. 

Problems with continued fossil fuel extraction

A recent report by health charity Medact, highlighted the fact that air pollution from fossil fuels is responsible for approximately 5% of all UK deaths. 7 million premature deaths world-wide are linked to air pollution, much of it from fossil fuels.

The impact of our increasingly volatile climate is also responsible for many deaths, ill health and reduced wellbeing, migration and conflict, biodiversity loss, and financial impacts from storms, floods, droughts and heatwaves. The use of fossil carbon energy is responsible for much of this.

Join the divestment movement

Frack-Free York encourage all members of the public to divest from fossil fuels, and to move their money into organisations where it will be invested according to their values. For more information:

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