FFY discusses latest round of licensing on BBC Radio York

Yesterday, after six years without , the UK Government launched it’s 14th onshore licensing round which allows fossil fuel companies to bid for onshore exploration rights in the UK.

John Cossham of Frack Free York joined BBC Radio York live to discuss the dangers of fracking, alternatives to it, and why this latest round of onshore licensing is a bad idea.

Starting at 09:00, the show began by talking to two industry experts who explained more about the fracking process and debunked the myth that fracking will lower energy bills.

Following this, John Cossham spoke about the dangers of fracking for Yorkshire’s water and he was followed by Tony Bosworth of Friends of the Earth.

After this section the host, Jonathan Cowap, played devil’s advocate for short time and tried to explain the need for fracking before inadvertently admitting that fracking is deeply unpopular:

We’ve tried long and hard to find someone who’s positive about fracking and they’re difficult to find.

Jonathan Cowap (20:38)

The show ended with a segment from David Cox, Managing Director of the Gas Forum and a discussion of fracking by the show presenters.

Listen to the show again here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p022ys8d


 List of speakers:

07:16 Mike Bradshaw – Professor of Global Energy, York Business school

07:46 Neil Trimble – Managing Director, energy contracts company

08:20 John Cossham – Chair of Frack Free York

16:40 Tony Bosworth – Friends of the Earth

34:20 David Cox – Managing Director of the Gas Forum

1:33 Panel discussion about fracking

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