EXAMPLE RESPONSE: Consultation URN 14D/099 –Underground Drilling Access

The UK Government’s consultation on proposals to reform the procedure for gaining underground access to oil or gas deposits and geothermal energy is open until 11:45 pm on the 15th of August 2014.

Writing to consultations can be daunting and time consuming, so we at FrackFree York have prepared an example response to the consultation to give you an idea of things you could write about.

Consultation responses are far more effective if they’re unique and written in your own words. Please do not copy this response but use it as an aid to craft an answer that is meaningful to you.

Potential issues you could include in your response are:

  • water pollution/contamination
  • air pollution/contamination
  • noise pollution
  • soil pollution/contamination
  • seismic risk
  • subsidence
  • traffic considerations
  • logistics of the proposed compensation scheme
  • adequacy of remuneration in the compensation scheme
  • potential for abuse of the compensation scheme
  • alternatives to fossil fuel extraction

Example answer in Word Document Format: URN 14D-099 Underground Drilling Access

Example Answer in PDF format: URN 14D-099 Underground Drilling Access

All consultation documents and the link to respond can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/underground-drilling-access

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