FFY demo and full council meeting is today!

Today marks the culmination of months of hard work where Frack-Free York. Our petition is in and City of York Council will be debating fracking in York for the first time. To mark this event, there will a demo outside the meeting venue, York Guildhall in St Helen’s Square, before the meeting.

If you’re attending the demonstration:

Venue: York Guildhall, St Helen’s Square


17:00 Demo begins

17:15 Local councillor Dave Merritt will hand the petition over to York Council

18:00 People without reserved seats for the meeting should enter the Guidhall

18:20 Those with reserved seats for today’s meeting should enter the Guildhall

18:30 Full york City Council Meeting begins

Things to remember

The demo starts at 17:00 and we encourage everyone attending to bring banners, placards and things to make noise. Don’t forget to be mindful of the weather (it has been very changeable recently): bring something in case it rains and don’t forget to bring a drink.

The meeting will begin with introductions and then be followed by the speakers. Once the speakers have finished, fracking should be debated for around 30 minutes. We expect all fracking related discussions to be complete by around 19:30.

Members of the audience will be free to leave after this point if they so wish

I can’t make the demonstration…

Not to worry, there are plenty of ways you can follow the action if you can’t attend:

  1. Watch the meeting live via York City Council’s Live stream
  2. Follow @FrackFreeYork on Twitter as we live-tweet the event
  3. Watch the meeting afterwards on the York Council’s YouTube channel
  4. Follow our Facebook group as we add updates during the meeting


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